Coed Lower Rec Division Indoor

This is the recreational division dedicated to fun, fitness and, of course, friendly competition. Because we want all teams to have fun, "ringer" teams will be moved to the upper or competitive coed divisions at the discretion of GVAS based on the skill level of the players that register for the team.

Coed Upper Rec Division Indoor

This league is for skilled players who desire a more competitive atmosphere. We encourage those who have been playing a long time, played or playing college level, competitive at state levels, and tournament players. If you are a newer or lower skilled player we encourage you to play in the lower recreational coed league.

Over 30 Division Indoor

Men and Women welcome to play - all players must be 30 years or over at the beginning of the season (game 1 in order to register and play for that season - no mid season add-ons). No minimum female requirement per team. With enough participants we will split into and upper and lower recreational divisions - SPORTSMANSHIP is priority in this division and anything less will NOT be tolerated. NO EXPECPTIONS

Coed Competitive Division Indoor

This is for the competitive skilled soccer players that want a fast pace game and good clean competition.