Single Players & New Players

We can find you a team!

Updated Monday October 8, 2018 by Grand Valley Adult Soccer.

If you are a new player or have someone looking for a team please register as an individual player and put "free agent" in the comments section - we will do our best to find you a team. If registration is not open, please register for our e-mail list so that we can contact you.

During registration, if there is a player fee involved please pay the registration amount during the payment process.  IF we are unable to hook you up with a team OR unable to create a new team we will then cancel the registration and refund the fee within 10 days after the season start.

If you are a current team manager or are hoping to put a new team together, please contact the league contacts to let us know your intentions. If you are unsure which league to play in, please contact and register for our e-mail list so that we can contact you.